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We’ve Done This Before

Joshua B. Pribanic and Melissa A. Troutman are the writers and co-directors of INVISIBLE HAND. They’re also co-founders of the investigative news nonprofit Public Herald and produced their first documentary TRIPLE DIVIDE in 2013, which was co-narrated by Award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo and featured investigations of unconventional oil and gas development, a.k.a. fracking.

Public Herald’s work attracted The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to produce a segment on fracking in 2013, and has been featured on HuffPost Live, Pittsburgh NPR and over 100 other national and international media outlets.

What You Get

All funding will be used to finish production and post-production of INVISIBLE HAND, including licensing for music, travel and editing. Our crew never earns a salary or wage. All funds are used to create and distribute the work in the public interest. This is a not-for-profit project.